Premium Carpet Logo Mat – NRO

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Project Assignment: Create a premium carpet logo mat for a government agency – National Reconnaissance Office. Size 8′ diameter.

premium carpet logo mat for agency

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We’ve gathered a little intelligence on the intelligence agency known as the NRO. Yeah, they operate all those sexy spy satellites roaming the skies. Read on…

Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance

The Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance is an independent National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) research body reporting to the NRO Deputy Director, Business Plans and Operations. Its primary objective is to ensure that the NRO leadership has the analytic framework and historical context to make effective policy and programmatic decisions. The CSNR accomplishes its mission by promoting the study, dialogue, and understanding of the discipline, practice, and history of national reconnaissance. The Center studies the past, analyzes the present, and searches for lessons-learned

The history of the National Reconnaissance Office is a story of how opportunity, necessity, and determination converged to produce an intelligence organization unlike any that had come before. In the late 1950s, rocket and sensor technologies were just reaching a level of maturity so that, if pushed to the limit, they could assist the United States in facing the most challenging national security problem of the age: how to analyze Soviet military forces and avert a potential nuclear war.

After providing the hard data that made it possible to understand and deter the Soviet Union, NRO systems later became the primary means that made possible the arms control agreements that defused U.S.–Soviet tensions. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, NRO systems became ever more integrated into U.S. military capabilities, playing a critical role in the Gulf Wars, peacekeeping operations, and most recently, global operations against terrorists. 

In retrospect, it seems remarkable that even as the United States was achieving its goal of putting a man on the moon, there was an equally ambitious and technologically challenging American space program proceeding along a parallel path—but in strictest secrecy. Indeed, it was not until 1978 that a President acknowledged the basic fact that the United States carried out reconnaissance from space, and not until 1992 that the government acknowledged the NRO’s existence.